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It takes a lot of creative people to make such a fun show. Here are a few of our friends!

Meredith Freyre

Meredith Freyre plays Kayla. Meredith is a Chicago based Cabaret artist and musical theatre performer. She is thrilled to be joining Theatrebam with this production of Parker in the Park. She also tours with Theatrebams production of The Main Street Kids Club; A Math Start Musical, and Schoolhouse Rock LIVE! When not singing Meredith can be found playing her favorite musical instrument; the french horn! She can also be heard singing with the Chicago Cabaret Project in and around Chicago. Go GREEN!

Angie Wendt

Angie Wendt plays Courtney. Angie is proud to be a part of Parker in the Park! She has performed with Theatrebam Chicago as a part of Schoolhouse Rock Live! for the past 5 years, and makes her living as a professional singer in Chicago and the suburbs. She performs with several different bands and does voice-over work as well. Angie also performs at Second City and is a member of the improv group called The Unusual Suspects. She loves performing for children and hopes that the green ideas presented in Parker in the Park will make a real impact on everyone who sees the show!


Danny Taylor

Danny Taylor, Billy.
Danny is excited to be going green with  Parker in the Park all over the Chicagoland area!  After graduating from Hope College, he performed in regional theatres from Pennsylvania to Arizona and locally throughout Chicago with Chicago Shakespeare, The New Colony, Signal Ensemble, Collaboraction, Halcyon, Bohemian, Strawdog, Theatre Building and Chicago Scriptworks.  He thanks his amazing family and friends for years of unconditional support, love and encouragement.  Remember - if we all did ONE thing a day to conserve energy, that would be 6.5 billion things that happened EVERY day.  The power of one belongs to you and me.

Chris Walsh & his pug Beau

Chris Walsh, Writer, Producer, & Parker. Chris is overwhelmed with joy! He is so very excited to see this idea of his come to life on stage. Born in DC and raised in Oakton, Virginia Chris has had the joyful experience of performing with Billy B when he was in grammar school. Schoolhouse Rock Live! and Parker in the Park mark two of Chris's favorite children's shows. Chris is a proud graduate of the College of William & Mary and is volunteering as the Landscape Architect for the ASYV project in Rwanda.

Scott Ferguson

Scott Ferguson, Director. Scott is elated to be a part of this energy conservation crew. His new show The Main Street Kids Club; a Mathstart Musical is touring this spring in and around Chicago.   An avid director, Scott has directed shows in Arkansas, Memphis, and Chicago. He is a co -creator of Schoolhouse Rock Live! and the Artistic Director of Theatrebam Chicago. Scott is an Artistic Associate with About Face Theatre and is supporting the new Baliwick Chicago!

Parker in the Park
The Natural Science Musical
Music & Lyrics by Billy B!
Book by Chris Walsh