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What is Parker in the Park?
Based on the natural-science music of the multi award-winning composer and lyricist Billy B!  Directed by the award-winning director & choreographer Scott Ferguson (Schoolhouse Rock Live! & Schoolhouse too!) Featuring the Chicago areas best professional children‘s theatre performers and commercial actors!
The Parker in the Park show uses the rough frame-work of the wildly successful School House Rock Live! show.  We took the environmentally friendly songs of Billy B, and wove them into a 4 person touring show about conserving energy, exploring nature and protecting our environment. This award winning method of weaving existing songs into a new script is a proven winner and an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in interactive children’s theatre.

Performance Details

Pre-k through 5th grade

  • Set up time: 30 minutes
  • Performance time: 40 minutes
  • Strike time: 15 minutes
  • 4 Cast members
  • 1 Stage Manager
  • Requirements:
  • Level Performance Space (gym floor or similar)
  • Access to electrical outlet (within 20 feet)
  • 1 table or desk
  • 1 Chair
Songs Featured
*Sun Up, Sun Down
*Our Changing World
*Bees Shake their butt and dance
*Song of a Young Tree
*Yippee Hooray! I am a sprout!
*The rock 'n roll of Photosynthesis
*These Trees
*The Mega Mix

Listen to some of the songs
from the show. Just click
the link below.

Sun up, Sun down

Mega Mix

Bees Shake their butt and dance

These Trees

Click on the leaf to watch
the neat mega mix!



Parker in the Park
The Natural Science Musical
Music & Lyrics by Billy B!
Book by Chris Walsh